Food and Fitness Policy April 2016

Anti-bullying Policy April 2016

Behaviour Policy April 2016

Fire and Emergency Procedures April 2016

Health and Safety Policy April 2016

Critical Incident in Classrooms April 2016

E-Safety Policy April 2016

Home School Agreement

SRE Policy April 2016

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy May 2017

SRE Policy: Information for Parents & Carers

Presentation Policy June 2016

Marking Policy June 2016

Inclusion Policy June 2016

Equal Opportunities Policy      June 2016

More Able and Talented Policy September 2016

Confidentiality Policy   September 2016

Freedom of Information Policy September 2016

Instrument of Governance  September 2016

Complaints Procedure  September 2016

Charging and Remissions Statement September 2016

SEN Policy June 2017

ESDGC Policy June 2017

Admissions  Policy

September 2016

Safeguarding Policy June 2017

Curriculum Policy June 2017