Welcome Back to School, there are going to be a few changes to the school meals that will be provided from September and we would like to share with you what they are:


We will be offering a packed lunch menu from September until we can revert back to providing hot school meals again. There is a Week 1 and a Week 2 Menu with an A and B Choice Option (Option B being a vegetarian option). 


As soon as we know exactly when we can revert back to providing hot school meals again we will let you all know by updating the website, putting out notifications via social media (facebook/twitter), e-mailing all Schools and including copies of the New Hot School Meals Menu.


What will the packed lunches look like?

Each packed lunch will contain a sandwich/roll/wrap or baguette, a snack (for example a slice of pizza or a pasty), vegetable sticks, a dessert and a drink. The packed lunches will be placed in paper lunch bags, the bags will be labelled A or B .


If your child has any dietary requirements and would like a packed lunch at School please contact us on 01633 644150 or e-mail us and we can arrange this for you.


School meals cost £2.50. Parents have welcomed the introduction of Parent Pay. A new online method to pay for school lunch. It is a quick and easy way for parents to pay for school dinners at any time of the day. A brilliant way to taking the stress out of looking for spare change to pay for lunch in the heady morning rush.


(from Monmouthshire County Council - School Meals Information - September 2020)

Monmouthshire County Council provides a range of healthy and nutritious school meals. School meals provide the following benefits:

•A nutritionally balanced meal

•Choice and variety


•Eating School Meals together is sociable

Monmouthshire County Council is committed to the long-term aim of improving the health of all its school children.  The current menu is a significant step towards the requirements of the Welsh Assembly Government’s ‘Appetite for Life Action Plan’.

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