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Spring Term 2020


Our themes this term are ‘Winter’ and ‘Where we Live’. We have started planning our winter theme and the children have said they would like to ...

  • Make snowflake pictures and winter pictures
  • Find out about ice and snow
  • Make bird feeders, bird food and birdbaths
  • Find out the names of some birds
  • Make bird pictures and models

As part of our ‘Where we Live’ theme, we will be celebrating Welsh Language Music Day/Dydd Miwsig Cymru by participating in Welsh music, dancing and art activities and we will be taking part in our school Eisteddfod.

Boomerang Book Bags - This term, we are participating in the Book Trust’s Boomerang Book project. They have provided sets of book bags for children to take turns taking home, containing two lovely  picture books: Jamborî’r Jyngl and The Cave. Each child also receives their own activity magazine to keep. An audio version of the Welsh story is available at and the English translation of the story is included on the inside cover of the book. A group of  children will be selected to take home the Boomerang Book bags each Wednesday - when it is your child’s turn, please share the books together at home and then return the story books and book bag by the following Monday ready for the next group of children to have a turn. 

Whole Class String Project - We are continuing this project run by Gwent music and we are looking forward to arranging a date to perform for you!


PE - Wednesday afternoons

  • Please ensure all earrings are removed on these days (we are not allowed to just cover earrings with tape).
  • Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name.

Outside/ messy play - On Thursdays, we plan messier/ outdoor learning experiences. Please ensure your child has warm clothing and feel free to wear ‘old’ clothes (non-uniform) that can get muddy!

Money - Please ensure that any money sent into school is either in a labelled envelope or a purse/ wallet clearly labelled with your child’s name. 

Water - In line with our Food and Fitness policy, your child will be encouraged to drink throughout the day, especially after exercise/ playtime. Please only send water to school for your child to drink in class. It would be helpful if your child could bring a full bottle of water to school on a Monday morning as this will save a bit of time at the beginning of the day. 


  • Please continue to help your child learn the letter sounds sent home.
  • You can help your child by making words for him/ her to sound out and read, e.g. sat, zip, chip, fish, stop, flat, bring, think etc 
  • Ask your child to try making simple words with the sound cards or try writing words, listening carefully for each sound in the word.  
  • Please keep reading story books to your child as often as possible! 


Thank you,


Mrs Rosato and the Reception Team